Learning that you have to give a speech or talk can be stressful.


Because most of us have not done it before. We don’t know the tricks to making it easier. We know that we’ll need to prepare but we don’t know how to prepare. And if it has to be given before a crowd of family and friends, that might make the situation worse — not better.

Having to give a wedding reception toast or rehearsal dinner toast does not have to be such a traumatic event. There are certainly places to look and learn about how to do it successfully.

The bookstore? The local national-chain bookstore will surely have a book or two for you to look through. But at what cost? Most books on speaking and “etiquette” are only available in hardcover form, thus making them rather expensive.

The library? If you can find your card then you can certainly head down to the local library to peruse their section of books and they might actually have something that can be of use to you. But how updated will it be? And then there’s the fact you’ll always have to return it.

The online book “store”? You’ll undoubtedly save money going this route but now you have to deal with the delay in getting the material and paying the shipping costs. To receive the book earlier means you’ll have to pay more for shipping — and even that does not guarantee that you will receive it when they say you will.

Most of us probably head right to the internet when researching a subject. It’s both fast and free.

But most websites can be difficult to read or follow, or they go on and on about their product without getting to the details. That is, until now.

There is now a website that offers free resources and a great list that ranks the various websites out there that offer wedding toast materials. From speech templates to tips on how to deliver the toast itself, these websites are truly the best of the best.