Best Man Toast Writing Guide – Easy and Awesome Tips

Being the best man is a huge responsibility. When you are chosen to give the best man toast it is a position of trust that is given solely to you, because you are such a good friend to the groom. Now, I know that you are not a trained speech writer, but I know that you can create a good toast if you follow some simple speech writing tips and tricks.

I was charged to be the best man myself. I was also very stressed out that I would never finish my toast, or that I would fumble my delivery during the wedding. I was so anxious that I was unable to sleep weeks before the wedding. Fortunately for me I was computer literate and so I searched online for some speech writing guides to help me. Allow me to tell you what I learned.

When writing your best man toast use a draft. A rough draft is like the first prototype of your speech. It is not the finished product. You can write and write a draft as long as you want without worrying about grammar and spelling, but you need to edit it heavily afterwards.

Keep your toast short and simple. Like all guests, you don’t want to overstay your welcome. Keeping your speech short and simple will help draw in your audience. Use short sentences to populate your paragraphs. Avoid using fancy words to help make your speech understandable everyone.

Do not use swear words as much as you can. Do not overuse inside jokes or double meaning jokes. The reason for your toast is to inspire and basically to congratulate the bride and groom for tying the knot. In line with this, do not bring up former relationships in your toasts, it is annoying and most of the time insulting to the bride and groom.

Use descriptive words when writing your toast. Use metaphors, similes, and imagery when creating your toast. These devices will draw in your audience and you will sound much more exciting that just plain storytelling.

Make a single central theme for your wedding toast and stick with it. With a single theme you can be sure that your speech or toast will not go willy-nilly. You can have some sort of restraint to the length and brevity of your wedding toast.