Bread Toasters – Best Way to Toast Breads

The electric appliance used in kitchen which is used to toast all types of bread products are called Bread Toasters. The power consumed by toaster is between 600 W to 1200 W. There are two types of toasters

  • Electric
  • Non-Electric

Non-Electrical toasters are used to toast bread products using open fire.

The other various types are:

Pop-up Toasters:

These are also called automatic toasters. In this type of toaster, we insert the bread slices into the slots vertically at the top of the toaster. These slots are generally very large enough in which one single slice of bread can be easily inserted. Once the bread is inserted, the bread presses the lever of the toaster and thus the toaster is started. There is a internal device that determines the phase of toasting. Once the toasting is completed, the internal device signals the toaster to turn off and it also signals to send the bread upwards outside the toaster and then the toaster pops up the bread through the slots of the toaster. The heating elements that are used to toast the bread are kept vertical in parallel direction to the bread so that the bread is toasted properly.

Old toasters has a mechanical timer where we can pre-fix the time of toasting. The user can adjust the timings based on his bread toasting requirements. This method has some issues where the first set of breads gets toasted well and the next set does not gets toasted properly due to the heating elements are not heated well. Some toasters also use a sensors made of bimetallic strip.