Other Special Inflatable Products in the World

As we know, there are many inflatable products in the world, such as inflatable arches and do on. Many of them have wide use. Thanks to creative designers, many special inflatable products are made. Most of them not only can be ornaments but also are practical. I said that eight inflatable products are special. What is more, I had introduced four of them. Now I introduce other these special products for you.

Firstly, it is inflatable television. If you have it, you can enjoy television programs anytime and anywhere. You can set it beside the swimming pool or in the living room, even you can watch television programs when you are barbecuing. It just needs to connect with projector, loudspeaker and audio cable, then it can work. However, the most important is you have to fasten it well, or the wind might blow it down.

Secondly, it is inflatable phone booth. This portable inflatable phone booth looks simple. If a large scale assembly or activity is held, then this type of phone booth will be good choice. As long as it is inflated, a phone tooth is unfolded before your eyes. Of course, it has all the functions of real phone tooth. You can not only call up but also shelter from wind and rain. Do you think it is convenient? You can not miss it.

Thirdly, it is inflatable toast mattress. People sleep on a toast. Maybe you just dream it in your dream. Or you just see this picture in cartoon movies. Actually, you really can sleep on inflatable toast mattress. When you sleep on this bed, perhaps you will dream that you become butter. Also or you are floating on a cup of coffee. What a nice dream it is. What is more, the most important is if you sleep on this bed, I am sure you will sleep well. You will forget all vexations and relax yourself.

Fourthly, it is inflatable drink cooler. Summer is coming, cool drinks will comfort us. There are many drink coolers in the market. Do you image that inflatable material can be made into drink cooler as well? This drink cooler has all the functions of all ordinary drink coolers. What is more, it can be set in many places, such as boat or chair. Convenient and flexible design ensures that you can chill drinks anytime and anywhere. And it looks cool as well.

These are the other four special inflatable products in the world. Of course there are many special things in the world. If I find it, I will tell you at once.