THE TOAST: Romantic Toast Letter


The silky honey of my inexhaustible comb

I will proselytize you into before I see my tomb.

Give me a chance to be feathers of your wings,

I am melody; let us soar together as I attach strings.

Every breath sketches you a clearer picture;

The sight I confronts is beauty with culture.

Like wax I melt from light into fervent night

My underfoot get slippery, l lose my might.

Be flattered with my extravagance I permit,

Let the shatters unveil our passion betwixt.

As first undefiled appearance of Adam and Eve,

Inseparable with no hidden secret to conceive.

To a union that betters us when comes worst,

To a bond that is glass when we need trust.

I will drink from your love’s cup until ghost,

From my cores sincerely, I propose this toast.

  • I’ll proselytize you

Some people are naturally endowed with word power, they easily have their way with just speaking the right words. This is one of the greatest gifts in its raw state to transform any mind. Just as the honey is medicinal, so are the right sweet words, they have the ability to fully convert even the most broken heart to a place of total happiness.

  • The rubies of my stock

There is no one who cannot express love. In our individual capacities, we all have a measure of the expression of love and in several ways gifted to express it. Love is as precious as ruby, which also has the color of love; the deep red color is chosen as the universal symbol. Rubies are scarce but when you find them, you have a treasure in your hands so is true about unconditional love when it comes your way.

  • Like wax I melt

Like wax I melt – The passion for a particular thing is what prompts you to give all you have. If you are truly attracted by a vocation or a vision, you can melt for it. It become your number one mission, nothing else seems to be more important than it is. The impetus to do other things becomes irrelevant; your entire energy is redirected and converted to make that particular focus productive. This is what actually makes a mission work and worthwhile.

  • Undefiled appearance of Adam and Eve

The ability to come out plain and open in every commitment is what generates a strong bond. The reason why some relationship fails is that one or both parties chose to still keep skeletons in their cupboards. People hide certain things about themselves because they feel it would expose their weaknesses if shared. Every page of your life turned remains turned, there’s nothing we can really do to reverse it; your faults should be shared as a lesson or an experience to our partners to learn from

  • I propose this toast

Many people devalue the purpose of a toast, they tend to see it like a mere obeisance. A toast is as much of an expression of faith and love as a seal of appreciation. It has an emotional way of declaring heart felt feelings for the bodies concerned.