Unique Ways to Do the Best Man Toast

How many weddings have you gone to and hear the usual best man speech? The traditional toast can be pretty boring especially when you hear the same thing over and over again. If you are serious in making your best man speech as key point in a wedding, you might find these ideas helpful.

Role Playing

There is no law against doing a best man toast differently. One way to surely make an impact is to do a role playing scene. You can do this by playing the role of the groom. Act out how his life was before meeting Miss Perfect. Start by showing how lonely or incomplete his life was before. Then show a scene on how the couple met. You can ask one of the bridesmaids to help you in this scene. After that, show the changes in the groom’s behavior. Emphasize the moments that depicts happiness, satisfaction, and completeness. Don’t hesitate to use props in order to relay a more realistic picture. In imitating the groom, you can show off the mannerisms that the groom is known for.

Slide shows

Slide shows can be very effective in organizing your speech. Not only it guides you in the sequence but it can ease your anxiety on having people’s eyes on you. They are more likely to focus their attention on the slides and only hear your voice as a narration. The good thing about slide shows is that it is a visual presentation. The guest will be totally immersed in the story you are telling.


One way to surprise the bride and groom is to spontaneously shift your speech into a song. You can sing their theme song if they have one. If you have the time and the resources, you can go all out and prepare a song and dance number. Involve the people who are special to couple. Have them play a part in the production. However, if you are short on talent, you can hire professional to provide the singing to you. Make your song choice personal to the couple.


You don’t have to do a best man toast on your own. You can act like a TV host and go to the different guests. Prepare a list of questions that can be answered by guests. When the time comes for your best man toast, start introducing yourself and inform them the guest will help you provide a more vivid picture of the relationship of the couple. Read aloud your question and answer them. Then go around the people. Look for the parents, siblings, and friends of the couple. Ask them the similar question. This will only work if you inject humor to process. Avoid serious topics and focus only on general topics about the couple. Maintain control over the situation and try to avoid embarrassing answers. Be sure you’ll know what to do when inappropriate answers were given. Know how to cut people once they began embarrassing the couples.